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Claims Resolution Corporation Inc. operates one of the most sophisticated and technologically robust software systems in the marketplace today. Our system provides our clients unparalleled access to their claims data and the ability to quickly drive meaningful analytics to better understand their claims experience and the drivers behind their loss trends. Through our data systems we have integrated a myriad of ancillary and critical services to streamline the disability management process while offering total flexibility in program design and implementation.

From simple, easy to use First Report of Injury modules to virtually unlimited Ad-Hoc reporting to real time As-Of capabilities, our clients enjoy web based access 24/7. The system incorporates a fully HIPAA compliant security administration platform driven by access and security lock out down to the most granular level.

Standard features include:

  • First Report of Injury module
  • Dashboard Views – user defined
  • Dozens of standard reports
  • Fully integrated document imaging
  • MMSEA data exports
  • Litigation management module
  • Task Panel management system
  • OSHA/PEOSHA Reporting
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